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  •  NAFTA, etc. (none)
    NAFTA was a watershed event.  It was the culmination of a movement to the right that began with deregulation in the Carter administration.  In conjunction with the rejection of a stimulus plan and a focus on balanced budgets, the Clinton years brought an obsession with placating Wall Street, with Bob Rubin has the high priest, and reappointment of Alan Greenspan not once, but twice.  In addition, there was financial and telecom deregulation.  Altogether, a 1950s Republican record.

    The Lewinsky business is trickier.  Certainly, it hurt Gore in '00.

    The Bushes run their campaigns out of a CIA manual. --- Kevin Phillips

    by Paleo on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 10:48:22 AM PST

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