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  •  Your ignorance is amazing (3.33)
    "Dean never demonstrated an ability to connect with those groups Trippi mentions that Kerry is losing."
    --Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit.  Dean was attracting all these kinds of people.  How do I know?  I was going to the Meet Ups in both Tennessee and Manhatten and seeing who was there.

    "Dean was also big among youth voters but I don't recall him being popular with older voters, union workers, etc."
    --You watch too much television and you believe the corporate media too much.  Dean got two of his biggest pushes from SEIU and AFSCME.  And he did this becuase he courted them early, and they responded, so much so, that in listening to their rank and file members who were lobbying for an endorsement of Dean, they eventually did give these endorsements to Dean.

    I don't like people who don't know what they are talking about.  Your statements tell me that you were drinking the corporate media Kool-Aide about Dean and swallowing the perceptions of him that they were selling people, and that you are basically uninformed.

    Don't have any comments for now.

    by PhillipG on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 11:24:01 AM PST

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    •  You are completely insulting and ignorant (2.00)
      How dare you? I stand by my statement -- "connecting with voters" is ultimately demonstrated BY WINNING. Which Dean didn't do, by a longshot.

      Where were all the Deaniacs? They were out in DROVES in Iowa and it made NO DIFFERENCE.

      Dean lost, get your head out of the sand.

      And for the record, I have the utmost respect for Dean.

      •  Well hell.. (4.00)
          Kerry didn't connect with the voters either. He lost. Gore lost. Hell, Clinton lost too! He connected with fewer voters than Kerry or Gore! He must have really sucked!

         Reagan sucked, because he lost the primaries too. That proved he'd never be President. Same with George Bush senior. Yep, he lost the primary and that proved HE'd never connect with voters enough to win.

        •  I never said Dean sucked (none)
          In fact, I've never said anything bad about Dean, since I think he's an amazing candidate.

          But to have posters flame me for pointing out that he didn't get votes from people he supposedly connected with is insulting.

          So, to the latter point. Kerry didn't connect, nor did Gore. It's the same issue -- Bush connected (hence won) and so did Clinton.

          All I'm saying is that "connecting with voters" to me means that you got them to vote for you. Period.

          I have no idea why everyone is so pissed off today.

          •  Because (none)
              Because your argument is false on the face of it. You claim that losing Iowa proved Dean didn't connect with voters.

              I pointed out a NUMBER of candidates who lost Iowa or who lost their first primaries altogether and then went on to win.

              The only way to claim Dean's Iowa loss proved he didn't connect with voters is if you're deliberatly and willfully ignorant of, oh, the entire history of politics.

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