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  •  front loaded primaries (4.00)
    No disrespect intended to you or anyone else but all references to Kerry winning the primaries ... Clark losing the primaries ... Dean losing the primaries, etc, should be stopped until you have researched "front loaded primaries".  Once you have done that, and understand what happened you will never again use the 2003 Democratic primaries to promote or oppose an argument.

    It was a brilliant strategy that worked beautifully.  And it seriously hurt the candidates -- not only the candidates who thereafter stood no chance -- but also Kerry.  There was no time to hone a message, or show true strengths and weaknesses.  Only the caricature was there in the public eye.  Not the character.

    It's quite frustrating to have to reiterate this less than one year after it happened.  But:

    it was the frontloaded primaries

    All the candidates knew that.  Kerry pulled off Iowa and momentum was born.  The dominoes fell just as they were intended to.  Although many Kerry voters were Kerry supporters most in my area were Democratic supporters and voted for the nominee who was determined long before my state even voted.

    And it was a mistake.  I believe that if Kerry had still been the nominee after an extended primary race that he would have been a much stronger candidate and much more well known to the voting public.  

    Such a shame.  But I beg you to stop using a primary win as significant point.  Its only significance is that it shows that Terry McAuliffe really can think strategically.  Alas.

    The chips are down. Find your outrage.

    by sj on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 11:57:11 AM PST

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