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  •  interesting pt there, (none)
    that dems that we lost in the last 15 yrs or so were dems in name only--

    I agree,

    and I think it is because dems stopped inventing what it means to be a dem--fdr and ww did a little groundwork, and then we said, ok that sounds good to me.

    what is the japanese word?  kaizen--constant innovation--devouring yourself to make yourself anew.

    we've lost ourselves, and our only salvation is to rework it completely.

    all classic "dem" issues are tired: organized labor has become slow are corrupt and has not done it's homework in helping business keep up with global development, abortion--we say, a women has a right to choose, end of story; but how about pushing for better, cheaper day care and maternity/paternity leave policies by saying--hey, some people abort b/c they can't afford more kids, and we don't want that happening to ANYONE!!!

    we don't we reinvent our stances?

    we are not exempt from the deterioration that happens to all complacent folk..

    He will never be a tough competitor. He doesn't know how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable. Lou Piniella

    by alivingston on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 12:11:15 PM PST

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