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  •  Was Reagan angry? (4.00)
    Are you old enough to remember the moment Reagan won the 1980 primary? When he more or less tore a microphone out of the hands of Bush Sr (I think) and said "I PAID FOR THIS MICROPHONE AND NO ONE WILL TAKE IT AWAY FROM ME" (or something to that affect)?

    Reagan was angry, and showed it on the stump, and was widely admired by people for it (especially angry soon-to-be "Reagan Democrats" who weren't part of his base until he made them part of his base).

    His opponents ran against him in part by saying he was too angry (and might, you know, blow the world to smithereens because he was such an angry old man).

    Did he look angry when, shortly after taking office, he took on the air controller's union?

    Anger was a very real part of Reagan's politics and his political appeal.

    Just so you know.

    PS: The reason you think I play gotcha with you is because you make statements -- like claiming Reagan didn't show anger -- that aren't even remotely accurate.

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