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    Dean was a deeply flawed candidate, but there's no question that well constructed attacks are very effective politics -- and would have worked against Bush (my God -- how much material did we need?  And then how much material did we even use?).

    How many lessons did it take before Kerry started taking the cue that you can't let your opponent slice and dice you and COMPLETELY define the debate?

    By the time the lesson started to sink in, he had surely lost too much blood to recover.

    Consistently in Presidential elections the "bigger" candidate wins.  Kerry let himself get walked on (even by Peter Jennings for Christ's sake!), never flashed anger when he should have, and never stuck fiercely to a point where Bush was outright lying (by contrast, if you read the transcripts, Bush denied almost every charge Kerry made against him).

    I agree with Matt Miller's response to Kerry's email of last week.  If he won't spend it illuminating and rectifying election shenanigans, I want a pro-rated refund out of the $15 million he's horded.

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