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  •  Democrats need to act--Demand Secret Service act (2+ / 0-)

    As I said in a comment on 8/11/09, in the early 70's security for the President had no difficulty "securing" a wide area and "holding" people who happened to wander into the security zone that was very wide, around the area of the Presidential visit.

    Before we yell at the R's for not speaking out, the D's should insist on hearings at least and action at best, to "secure the area."

    to quote myself---(don't yell at me)

    Back in my Army days we were assigned to support the Secret Service in providing security in South Carolina for a quick visit by then President Nixon.
    Our Military Intellgence unit, in civilian clothes, did this back up several times, including for Spiro Agnew!  

    An innocent hunter was traveling down the Interstate near the airport in Columbia, South Carolina and had a hunting rifle in his pickup.  He was observed, stopped and was given the option of sitting out the couple of hours the President was in town in the back seat of a police car or being arrested.  He chose the quiet time in the police car, well separated from his rifle and observed by police and monitored by the Secret Service.
    I don't know who is doing security these days but if a camera crew saw the weapon, the security team should have seen it and "secured" the weapon and man for the duration, not only for the President's protection but also for the crowd and the man with the weapon.

    •  Nixon had "no difficulty" (0+ / 0-)

      doing a lot of things that everyone on the planet except him thought were illegal.

      It's sad to see so many alleged "progressives" trying to beat the Republicans in the race to the bottom.

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