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    I'd add that I also think the headlines in some news outlets about "major missteps" with regard to health care reform are premature.

    1. The public will ultimately get what it wants -- even if it isn't this go around; it will happen eventually with some work.  On the plus side, Obama is responsive to public pressure -- and so are his colleagues.  There are institutional pressures pushing him in one direction; so it's up to progressive to apply pressure in the other direction.
    1. He stated during the campaign that someone like Martin Luther King, Jr. would have watched over him like a hawk from the outside trying to keep him on the straight and narrow.  I see his base performing that function for him.

    Ultimately, this is a much bigger issue than just Obama, because he is subject to pressures and limitations that go beyond him (many of these are limitations built into our political system and the Constitution).

    I see him as more of an ally.  I see some members of Congress as some-time adversaries.  The opposition party has and wants no constructive role in the process.  The media environment too is what it is.  Criticisms need to keep the big picture into account.  That doesn't mean people should stop pushing; it means that we should target our approach in a way that will yield the desired result.  Sometimes that means calling him out; other times it means calling out some of his colleagues.  

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