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  •  Big media needs the illusion (3.80)
    that they are really still journalists.

    The point is that the main news outlets (with a few exceptions in the print world) almost never uncover a real story and push it to the fore. The need for ratings, the risk averse mentality spawned by corporate ownership, and the emphasis on short sound bites all crowd out serious journalism.

    For me, the defining example was Al-Qaaqa and the missing explosives. The big TV media outlets (and even most of the print journalists) all treated the accusations and the Pentagon responses as a he said, she said story. They didn't go beyond the cursory quotes on the story. Then that beautiful Minneapolis station released its video of the IAEA seals from the bunker with the date and everything. Ooops! Looks like a little TV station is willing to work a lot harder than the big guys (who also had imbeds with the same units).

    Brian Williams doesn't even realize what a lousy job his organization does. Let him sneer. We'll continue to do the real work.
    •  Big media (none)
      after the whole Rather dust up, the freepi started calling it Legacy Media.  I kinda like that </shuddering>.

      Reject the Red State/Blue State Model
      It's a wedge!

      by lapin on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 03:53:35 PM PST

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