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View Diary: AMERICAN TRAITOR Robert Novak passed away (206 comments)

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  •  I believe my shocking theory (2+ / 0-)
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    UndercoverRxer, wbramh

    that some people are bad was too much for Mike S. to deal with while there's still warm body to be planted. Therefore, I will withdraw that bold statement suggesting the existence of badness and merely assume that all dead people are good people unless they prove otherwise.  By that I don't mean to say that it's good that dead people are dead, of course. Dead people are just as good as living people, only quieter. And if they were fuck heads when they were alive they're certainly no longer fuck heads in death, mostly because they have nothing more to say, but I'm sure if they did it would be nothing but nice thoughts.
    Is the Concern Troll gone yet?

    •  I didn't see this comment (0+ / 0-)


      Is the Concern Troll gone yet?

      Kind of funny coming from someone who hasn't been here even half as long as I have.

      I hope you are enjoying watching your twins on the right now.

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