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    I just called the DNC and told them I have been a loyal Dem since I first voted in 1974 when I turned 18 in Chicago. Though now living in Springville, TN, I am still the same Democrat I was then (i.e., big-balled and fearless, especially to whiny Republicans and Blue Dogs), and I left the DNC a message telling them if they and Obama don't get on the horse and pass a health care plan with a robust public option I, and countless other Dems, would prefer to vote for a piece of wallboard instead of a pussy Dem in 2010 and 2012 (and if they don't believe this can happen, they'd better lay off the chronic for a while), and please don't give me that crap that electing Dems is the only way to go: the Blue Dog treachery has proved that theory absolutely wrong. No public plan - no vote, no support, no money. And to think we busted our asses just to get pissed on. Fuck them.

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