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    badger, joanneleon, Ezekial 23 20

    Maybe you should read what I wrote.

    But this diary in useful in arguing against the absurd notion that Obama doesn't hold sway in Congres

    I said, quite clearly, that the useful thing about this diary is that it counters the notion, advanced by Ygelsias and others, that Obama is a helpless bystander as Congress considers bills.

    A little advice: instead of writing these 3000-word diaries lecturing netroots activists from on high about what is allegedly going on--Obama is better than you say!--contradicting what we know to be true, start using your insider's position to name names. Then you might do some good.

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      elmo, Luetta

      I know what I'm talking about and that maybe you should take my advice seriously?

      And I don't think that Yglesias and others have been trying to say that Obama is a helpless bystander. My point still stands. There is a limit to what any president can do to convince members of Congress to go along with what they want. Obama can twist as many arms as he wants for the public option, but there are going to be senators who say no.

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        and perhaps people will take you more seriously.

        Well, have you ever considered that I know what I'm talking about and that maybe you should take my advice seriously?

        Just telling us that you know what you're talking about isn't really enough, Newsie.  It's not so much that I doubt you, it's that I have no idea what to base the decision on.  You're hinting at things.

        There are a lot of people who also know what they are talking about and they substantially disagree with your arguments here.

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