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View Diary: Waxman Opening another Front in Healthcare Debate? (307 comments)

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  •  letter to Bayh abt wife's finances (18+ / 0-)

    I wrote my former Senator, Evan Bayh, to say that I suspected why he was refusing to support a public option. I also contributed $$ to actblue today.

    Senator Bayh,

    I am beginning to believe your refusal to support the public option on health care reform has to do with your own personal & family fortunes. Why support the public option when your wife is so close to the private health insurance industry?

    Its come to my attention that Susan B. Bayh has been a director of Anthem Insurance from 1998 to May 2003.  Ms. Bayh is a director of Dendreon Corporation (biotechnology), Curis, Inc. (biomedical), Emmis Communications Corporation (media), and Dyax Corporation (biopharmaceutical company).

    Wellpoint paid cash and stock to her of $327,000. She has accumulated 14,724 shares of Wellpoint, worth more than $790,000 after yesterday’s jump in the price of the stock.

    As a lifelong Democrat, I'm terribly disappointed that you may put your own wealthy family ahead of the needs of out of work and uninsured Americans.

    •  What does Daddy Birch Bayh think of this? (3+ / 0-)

      I can't imagine former Senator Birch Bayh would be pleased to have this conflict by his son.  

      It is a shame when a D tries to serve two masters.

      We see it on the R side all the time, but it would be nice to think that this kind of conduct is no longer considered acceptable in polite company or public service in the Democratic Party.

      Amazing and sad story in light of the fine record of Senator Birch Bayh.

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