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View Diary: Waxman Opening another Front in Healthcare Debate? (307 comments)

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  •  Be careful with broad interpretations... (0+ / 0-)

    Consider that your income (likely) derives in part from interstate commerce. Many people work for businesses that produce goods/services that cross state lines and almost all work for businesses that consume goods or services that cross state lines. Most people with investments (401(k)s, savings accounts, checking accounts, IRAs, regular brokerage accounts) utilize banks or brokers that engage in interstate commerce by some definition. Most people also purchase goods made in other states.

    So, would you be okay with Congress subpoenaing the financial records of all such people (i.e., almost everyone) and putting them in a database (esp. if made public)? How about the communications that those people have (after all, some of those emails, TCP packets, or phone calls may contain references to interstate commerce - perhaps something you bought online from a boutique in New Hampshire some years ago).

    One day Democrats may not control both houses of Congress - be very careful when you wish to broaden their investigative power on weak grounds.

    •  MY wish? (2+ / 0-)
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      sabredance, JC from IA

      You impute statements to me that I never made.

      No powers of Congress have been "broadened", I never said anything about the scope of government power, and I will not be so easily duped into stipulating to your rhetorical game.  There is nothing in this case that is the least bit extraordinary — except maybe for the part about government acting on behalf of citizens.  That's something we haven't seen much of recently.  It's curious that you're so concerned about the power of government.  One might think you were...paranoid or something.  

      As for this:  

      So, would you be okay with Congress subpoenaing the financial records of all such people (i.e., almost everyone) and putting them in a database (esp. if made public)?  

      Well golly gee, do you file your tax returns?  And if so, how can you possibly cooperate with such a tyrannical guvmint system?  

      •  Perhaps I misunderstood. (0+ / 0-)

        You stated that

        The power to regulate commerce includes the power to issue subpoenas in pursuit of evidence.

        Perhaps I misunderstood you, but insurance companies are among the least of "interstate" entities that exist in many ways because they are controlled by state regulators which generally limit the ability of consumers to buy policies from other states. This strikes me as taking a broad view of powers that make the power for Congress to subpoena almost anything (sort of like they have tried to use, sometimes failing SCOTUS scrutiny, the interstate commerce regulatory power to pass restrictions on what is clearly localized behavior).

        And yes, I do file my tax returns, but they are not open to the public (as some people here assume what Waxman subpoenas would be -- although I personally doubt that will happen as often that which Congress or lawyers subpoena is "sealed" for a wide variety of reasons).

        And yes, I am concerned about the power of government. Funny how common that concern was here on DailyKos before January 1, 2009. Every inch the door is opened may be regretted the next time the right owns Congress and/or the Administration.

        •  Trolls don't wish to understand (1+ / 0-)
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          JC from IA

          And by the way, if you think insurance companies must sell policies across state lines to be considered engaged in "interstate commerce", you're a fool as well.  

          You have entered a grand total of 12 comments on this site, all of them in the last 9 days.  And what do you know — all of them attack either the Administration, the public option, and other progressive policy items.  Your comment in which you try to drive a wedge between LGBT activists and the Administration is particularly transparent.

          Seeing that you are here solely to chip away at support for a public option in health care and that you display as much good faith here as Sen. Grassley has been lately, I'm not wasting any more time with you.

          •  You may want to learn how to use this site... (0+ / 0-)

            ...if you think I've only entered a "grand total of 12 comments" on this site and "all of them in the last 9 days".

            Even though you have posted over 4500 comments over the past four years, it's rather surprising that you are unable to navigate the site using simple interfaces we all use. This is all pretty basic usage, I'm surprised you don't know it. It's particularly surprising since the interface you likely used has the following note before the results are listed and it's the only "note":

            NOTE: Searching for comments by a user defaults to a period from one week ago to now...

            To base your arguments on these obviously faulty "facts" derived from your misuse of trivial interfaces leads one to suspect the basis for other arguments you may make where the facts are not as trivially checked or a reasoning process is required.

            Your claim that I was trying to drive a wedge between LGBT activists and the Administration with my comment is absurd. I expect politicians to follow through on their promises and to be held accountable when they don't. I found Clinton's DADT policy distasteful because by issuing it he failed to follow through on promises that he had certainly intended to be taken as "promises" and, to boot, it was an obviously unworkable policy (something that was obvious to me within 30 seconds of hearing about it on the news). I find Obama's failure to do anything even more alarming given the current circumstances. If you object to anyone finding fault with something Obama does/does not do, then I would agree there's little reason to waste much more time with you.

            I call out hypocrisy, inconsistency, and/or factual errors wherever I see them whether I agree or disagree with the conclusion.

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