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  •  I'd Answer... (none)
    ...but you're obviously a hack and a hater, and not worth my time.

    BTW, your comment upthread about troll rating me and folkbum was pretty funny.  I got socked with a zero the other day; stuff like that makes me laugh, but not as much as a few weeks ago when Markos was given a 1.  

    •  Somebody troll-rated Markos? (none)
      That's fucked up.  Kinda funny, but still...

      Where was this?

      •  actually, for those (none)
        "oldtimers" who can remember back to "screw 'em"-gate, on that particular thread, not only did Markos get troll-rated, he got troll-rated enough that the overall score on a few of his comments hit the 1.somethingorothers

        If the proprietor makes a comment and you think he's wrong--well, he put it out there and it's rateable, so why not?

        Abortions go up under Republicans. Business is better under Democrats. Pass it on.

        by JMS on Wed Dec 01, 2004 at 05:57:30 AM PST

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