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  •  Example (none)
    Just saw this from another thread:

    You are Busted, DHinMI (none / 0)

    I downloaded all the Dean expenditures to Trippi McMahon Squires from, and I will post an analysis tomorrow.  Bottom line, you don't know what the fuck you are talking about.  You are a typical Deaniac...

    This on the same day that I was, yet again, attacked as a character assassin trying to take out Howard Dean.

    Maybe it's like judges say; if both attorneys were pissed, it was probably a good decision.  

    •  Oooh, but the media uses that one (none)
      to justify "he/said she/said" reportage and commentary...

      No, it is us.  Drop the presumptions, the suspicious, the blaming, the accusations, the desire to conquer with a prevailing view that is once and for all univerally accepted, that would go along way in being a better judge of what is objectivity.

      "But your flag decal won't get you into heaven anymore"--Prine

      by Cathy on Tue Nov 30, 2004 at 11:03:01 PM PST

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    •  You know (none)
      I read that and immediately knew it was my old friend "Rick in Davis." I was thrown off by the "Deaniac" instead of "Deany Greeny" but of all the Dean haters he was quite "special." That guy just lost it so bad he had to change his name to politus. Even his old blog partner was concerned about his health.
    •  Another example: (none)
      For Those Unfamiliar With XXXX's Artistry... (none / 0)

      ...her favored medium is broad brush painting, her favorite colors are black and white, and her favorite concepts are built upon the words always, never, everything and nothing.  

      by DHinMI on Wed Dec 1st, 2004 at 01:05:00 MEST
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      Pot meet kettle...

      •  Get Some Help (none)
        Seriously.  You are so socially tone-deaf that I cannot imagine you can keep friends and not alienate family.  
        •  Amazing (none)
          that you always resort to namecalling when you are proven wrong...again
          •  Threre's Probably Nobody Reading... (none)
            ...this anymore, so this isn't for effect or to try to score a point.  It's probably just you and me still reading this.

            The comment you posted?  It doesn't make me look bad.  It doesn't contradict what I wrote on this thread.  It makes you look back, especially if somebody were to follow the link and sees all the other people describing you as the worst personality on Daily Kos, or obnoxious, abrasive, insufferable, an utter jerk, and on and on.  Doesn't that make you stop and pause, and question whether you're achieving the exact opposite effect that you so desperately seem to want--namely, to persuade and convince people?  

            About the only people who I've seen defend you unquestionably--not a defense like "she gets unfairly rated, even though she's abrasive"--but unquestionably end up doing it with some of the most ridiculous statements, like comparing you to Richard Clark.  But almost nobody else likes your style.  You're rude, obnoxious, defensive and self-pitying.  You have some real issues with self-grandeosity.  And you're tone-deaf; you think that a crticism of you is by definition proof that somebody else is wrong.  You appear to lack a scintilla of self-awareness and how you may appear less desirable to others than you appear to yourself.  

            Like I said, you should think about getting some help, because arrogant, defensive and with a hair-trigger temper has to be a lonely and frustrating way to walk through life.  

            •  so said the nut himself (none)
              did you even proof read what you just wrote?

              A certifiable lunatic couldn't have done a better job a portraying his psychosis.

              •  Sigh... (none)
                Well, I was wrong and I was right.  I was wrong about nobody else reading anymore, because a few still are.  I was, alas, right in what I wrote.

                Hey, here's a hint: lone voices in the wilderness are seldom prophetic; it's usually because their personality and character are so off-putting that nobody else can stand to be around them.  

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