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  •  Not looking back or aiding and abetting? (3+ / 0-)
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    714day, stillwaters, Ezekial 23 20

    This is another cheap shot at the american people and a deviation from the tough job of examining and rectifying the horrors of the Bush administration. We know that not doing the next right thing is a close cousin to 'aiding and abetting'.

    We know this is a total "cop out" because THE ONLY WAY one can move forward with anything in life is to re-examine the past, identify the problems, correct those problems and move forward.

    Each time Obama and his WH has said this when obviously criminal deeds have been brought forward has been like a punch in the gut of americans who reocgnize that only looking forward means absolutely nothing but permission for these criminals to get away with their crimes.

    It's also very hard, tedious work but isn't that why we have an AG and a variety of State Attorneys?

    I've found this statement akin to that sensation one gets when hearing fingernails on a blackboard - it simply is not logical and certainly will not enable this country to move forward.

    Perhaps this is the true genesis of Obama's loss of support?  I know that many dems and indy's have vocalized their patent repudiation of this fraudulent concept.

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