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  •  If you drive a bus into a ditch (3+ / 0-)
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    then take a gun and shoot holes in the tires, is that exactly a bad thing?

    It's not like the CIA hadn't actually successfully assassinated anybody. Of course they have. They're the goddam CIA. A successful op like that would be so compartmentalized that it'd never see the light of day. But since Blackwater appears to be a company of anxious former enlistees, service washouts, and roid-monger fuckups, lead by camo-Richie Rich, they are the weakest link. And thanks to them attracting so much attention, we get a little peek into the Abyss here. Prince probably used his own resources to move people in a relatively clumsy and visible manner,(the spook equivalent of banging on pots and pans), because he is the CEO of a private security firm and not a civilian agency specializing in clandestine operations, with invisible resources probably numbering in the billions. (Who've been at this sort of thing for the last 57 years, mind you.) He's a merc, not a spook, and I suspect he was sent in more to shake things up than to successfully kill anyone of any actual import.

    But no, killing MORE people isn't exactly going to help any thing. Especially if that initial thing was so cocked-up as to be fucking farcical. In fact I await the slightly humourous movie satire Based on the War on Terror, coming out on HBO in a few years. Starring Kelsey Grammar.

    Aperture Science. We do what we must, because we can.

    by lincoln deschain on Thu Aug 20, 2009 at 09:33:32 AM PDT

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