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  •  51, not 60 (2+ / 0-)
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    badger, Arsenic

    But it's doubtful that a public plan can get 60 votes in the Senate,

    It doesn't need 60 votes, just 51.  If getting 51 votes means allowing the Repubs and their faux-Dem Blue Dog allies to filibuster the bill until they've succeeded in alienating most of the voting public, all the better.  And I refuse to believe that we can't get 51 votes for a public option if Obama is applying the right amount of pressure.

    And even if it's true that a national co-op would work better than smaller co-ops, the idea of a national co-op isn't going to win over the Repubs and Blue Dogs any more than a public option would.  They're opposed to the public option because they want reform to fail, and if they thought that national co-ops would be successful they'd oppose that too.

    -7.12, -7.54 / "Health care reform will never take place until Rahm Emanuel is strangled with the entrails of Frank Luntz." - Diderot

    by Big Tex on Thu Aug 20, 2009 at 09:15:19 AM PDT

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