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View Diary: Jonathan Tasini stands up for workers/single-payer on CNBC (20 comments)

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  •  In that case single payer would be like... (2+ / 0-)
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    a public option? If you have workers insurance, you can keep it or take the single payer? I like my insurance, but if single payer was better I'd take it.

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      the government gives everyone free (well paid by taxes) insurance. In Canada there still is an employer insurance program, but the difference between employer insurance and the "public plan" is not very much and more has to do with extra benefits (dental for example). I think if you are on the public plan you have a bit higher tax for that part specifically, but I'm pretty sure some of the other provincial taxes go towards paying for the public plan (i.e. it is not self-sustaining)

      I'm not an expert on the Canadian system because even though I live here I'm a university student and not eligible for the provincial public plan.

      If we have a public plan that is strong though, that is BETTER than private plans and is open to EVERYONE (meaning if you join a company, you'd have an option to join either a private plan or a public plan), then more and more people would join until we effectively had single-payer.

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