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View Diary: Weekly Tracking Poll: Impatient Base Drives Democrats Down (262 comments)

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    You can expect Dems to be patient provided Barry is seen to be working towards the goal of fulfilling the promises of his campaign platform.  But he is failing on every one of them.  Let's start with his now famous acceptance speech at Denver.  "Enough is enough!"  Really?  After lamasting the Rethugs for destroying the economy by creating a bubble culture, Obma has done nothing to rein in and discipline those who created the mess.  His Treasury Secretary is in bed with the Wall St crooks, and as they swallow government bailouts to pay out bonuses Barry won't as much lift a finger.  Take EFCA, after all those promises Barry isn't doing anything about it, and is even quiet when his own party Congressmen trash EFCA.  On DADT, illegal detentions, illegal wiretaps, US Attorney firings, etc, it is yet a procession of failure.  Not only is Obama not doing anything about these odious entities, he doesn't give the appearance of doing anything about it.  Healthcare?  Don't get me started.  Obama may be weak but he is compliant, spineless, worse still actually in favour of all the fatcats gaming the system.  Take the mortgage crisis.  While families like mine struggle to get our mortgage restructured, morgage banks are gaming the system and making it harder for us.  Obama's policies and his intervention are missing in action.  So the fall in ratings is well deserved.  Barry stands throughly compromised and has kicked his base in the shins.  It is time we dumped him and found a new candidate to primary him 2011, and throw hte guy out of power

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      Next time, let's back Lani Guinier for Supreme Court! Make their effin' heads explode!

      by Egypt Steve on Fri Aug 21, 2009 at 11:46:38 AM PDT

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      Did the new load of talking points come in yet?  These seem kind of stale and worn.

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      except the thoroughly compromised part. We elected a very smart and moderate politician, not a leftist ideologue. Still, as unhappy as I am with the course of matters to date (from my perspective as a left-of-center ideologue), at day 213 I am not ready to dismiss Obama as a hopeless centrist.

      Others here have dismissed you as a troll on each of your handful of posts, and I suspect they're right. I am highly suspicious of your recent appearance on the scene, and must suspect that you're here in an attempt to undermine confidence in Obama within a group of (arguably) his most ardent supporters. However, I completely disagree with threats to troll-rate you simply out of dislike for your opinions.

      Pretty much all of your posts have said the same thing in the same negative tone, so how about cut the rhetoric and get down to business: Given your vast discontent with the Presidential status quo, who would you suggest as an alternative in 2012? Who blows your ideological dress up?

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