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View Diary: My Email to Morning Joe regarding Obama's Vacation (250 comments)

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  •  I must confess that I spent most of the Bush (3+ / 0-)
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    bustacap, Dood Abides, wyvern

    crime wave years in self-imposed exile in Mexico, so I wasn't inundated with the daily Bush/media sales job for the Iraq War or with the constant manipulation of the threat levels prior to and after 2004.  So, you are right, I didn't get to see it firsthand and therefore I wasn't attuned to the threat level fear4votes tactic, but that it occurred surprises me none.

    I returned to Massachusetts in 2005 and then contacted the Dutch Embassy to see about political asylum (I lived and went to school there 20 years ago. It is the best Liberal/Progressive place on earth in my opinion) b/c I didn't want my taxes funding the Texas outlaws.

    One thing led to another, and I stayed here, and when Obama broke out of the pack, I was given other options: INTELLIGENCE, VISION, HONESTY, HARD WORK, HOPE & CHANGE.

    Had McNuts won, I was winging it to Holland though.

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