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View Diary: WaPo/ABC poll: Growing wariness on the left (213 comments)

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  •  If Obama fails to deliver true HCR, (3+ / 0-)
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    joe m, dotalbon, PedalingPete

    the Left will desert him in droves, and the Right will paint him as a failure.

    Any member of the House or Senate aligned with Obama and in a swing district or state will be at risk.

    If Obama keeps going the way he's been going, he will be a fucking disaster for the Dem party.

    Rahm seems determined to make sure this comes true.

    Jesus, how can such supposedly smart people be so fucking stupid.

    •  The Democrats have the unprecedented majorities (3+ / 0-)
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      xerico, zeke L, jgtidd

      that they have right now, for a reason.  And that reason is NOT to enable the Republican rump with a few Democratic fellow-travelers who have sold out to corporate America, to block the Democratic agenda.  The reason is, that a huge majority of Americans, all over the country, are looking for real progress in rolling back the ill-advised crypto-conservative acquisition of America (and the world) for the benefit of the top tenth of a percent, and a return to the progressive roots of the real America.

      They're not looking for compromise - they're looking for progress.  And if that means crushing the obstructionists (metaphorically) under the juggernaut, so be it.

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