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View Diary: WaPo/ABC poll: Growing wariness on the left (213 comments)

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    The media narrative that the President's support for the public option is soft, and that he's lost support on the left over that. And this narrative cannot help get us a public option.

    •  Could you please explain why? (2+ / 0-)
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      If we assume that president's support for the public option is indeed strong (despite evidence to the contrary), then I expect a media narrative saying that he is weak on the PO would encourage him to speak more often and more strongly in support of the PO. And encourage him to direct more people in the WH and the party to also make strong supportive statements (instead of what we've seen from Sibelius, Gibbs and Hoyer). Which might move the debate a little more in the direction progressives would like it to go, and increase our chances of getting meaningful HCR.

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