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    The GOP CANNOT win the Senate back, given the map, It's 100% impossible. In fact, it's virtually certain that, no matter what happens, the Democrats will pick up a couple of seats. If things go horribly wrong, they could stay where they are now. They CANNOT lose control of the Senate; it's mathematically impossible. The House, of course, is more volatile, but given the way things look, that's unlikely too.

    And since I have seen this ultimate doomster comment at least a dozen times this week, could I make a request? Could anyone who have NOT looked at the Senate election map please just not comment? It makes you seem ignorant and/or clinically depressed and out of touch with reality.

    Rob Portman: He sent your job to China.

    by anastasia p on Sat Aug 22, 2009 at 04:46:55 PM PDT

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