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View Diary: Are The Dour Democratic Projections About 2010 Justified? (334 comments)

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    Matt Z, tberry

    Nate's analysis is solid, because it hems much closer to the decades of accumulated knowledge as to how partisan fortunes ebb and flow in Congressional Elections than much of what is said here.

    Still, "should be worried" is not the same as "fate is sealed."  The keys will be Obama's popularity -- which obviously hinges greatly on HCR -- and the state of the economy in early 2010 when members are holding their fingers to the wind and deciding whether it would be a good year to spend more time with their families, and potential challengers are deciding whether it's a good year to incur the costs of a run.  I'm still cautiously optimistic on both counts.

    I hated Lou Dobbs before it was cool.

    by cardinal on Sun Aug 23, 2009 at 10:48:47 AM PDT

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