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View Diary: Are The Dour Democratic Projections About 2010 Justified? (334 comments)

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  •  Unfortunately (4+ / 0-)

    "needing their help" is either something Rahm and his ilk don't grasp, or else they assume they'll always have it b/c the base has nowhere else to go.

    Disdain for ordinary people who believe in things is a serious condition for a politician--especially a Democrat, given that the Democratic party will always have less big donors than their counterparts.

    "This is our time. We must be relentless. Even if (or when) Obama seems like he doesn't have our back...we know what we believe in." philipmerrill

    by SouthernLiberalinMD on Sun Aug 23, 2009 at 11:06:18 AM PDT

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    •  I totally agree (0+ / 0-)

      I said it a couple of weeks ago, and I'll say it again.  The campaign to paint all those people attending those town halls as some kind of a vast organized right-wing conspiracy was a monumental error in judgement.  

      When you looked out at those crowds, and saw that the majority were middle-aged and senior people, it was a ludicrous argument.  All it served was to insult those people, as well as the millions watching at home, and make them intransigent.  After that, there was no way they were ever going to be won over, regardless of how wonderful the product.

      The basic maxim of marketing is: "Never insult someone whom you're trying to sell something to."

      It was only rivalled by that brain-dead "fishy email" idea.  UGH! Whover came up with that one really should be fired. ....Yeah that's a good way to win over wavering people especially seniors.  Come up with what was easily characterized as a George Orwellian 1984 list....  Then after that explain to them that trust you that cuts to medicare won't negatively affect them.  Good call, good call.

      •  How did the WH insult them? (1+ / 0-)
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        Matt Z

        I didn't hear any of that coming from the President or members of the administration. I heard it mostly from Dem strategists in the media and public option supporters in the House.

        And I agree with them for the most part - I think the most vocal were a part of organized wingnut groups sponsored by the usual suspects.

        However, you raise a good point with "Never insult someone whom you're trying to sell something to."

        Now, should that apply to the blue dogs and conservative / moderate Dems? Judging from the majority of responses here, my guess would be no.

        But we need to persuade enough of them in the Senate to vote for the public option to get it passed. What should the tactics be? Threats, blackmail, "you're a stupid corporate DLC whore!!!!", etc.?

        Or should the WH try to show that they are on their side and understand their concerns before putting the full press on for support?

    •  Yes, but big difference between (3+ / 0-)

      "no where else to go" and "pumped up and ready to go door to door".

      That is what they are risking.

      "no where else to go" will get you that person's vote but "pumped up and ready to go door to door" will get you another dozen or so votes (hundred or so?).

      Obama did not get votes by sending out an email to everyone to vote for him. He got them by energizing his organization to go get others to vote for him as well.

      "If you can't afford a boat, and are standing tiptoe in the water, the rising tide goes up your nose." -- Barney Frank

      by JanF on Sun Aug 23, 2009 at 11:51:25 AM PDT

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