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View Diary: Are The Dour Democratic Projections About 2010 Justified? (334 comments)

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  •  Being taken for granted... (3+ / 0-)

    taking for granted "progressive" support for them in the voting booth. They are thinking, "What are these people going to do - vote Republican?"

    I can understand the thinking to a degree... I mean, there really is no chanc of a mass defection from the progressive community over to the Republican Party.

    Here's the fail in that strategy.  They got to where they got because they had a robust activist progressive community helping them get there.

    The key word being "activist".  None of us will stop being progressive if they continue to let us down, but a lot of us will stop being "activist", because when you disappoint people enough with broken promises, eventually they say fuck it and quit trying.

    The biggest danger for Democrats among the progressives isn't that we'll vote for their opponents... it's that we won't vote at all.

    •  This is a problem, but..... (2+ / 0-)
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      Matt Z, CityLightsLover

      that is saying that it is better to have a Republican than a disappointing "progressive."  Yep- a constant assault on the Constitution is, I guess, a better choice.

      One of my friends who is 86 years old says that the American public is as dumb as a post and may just vote the Republicans back in again because of the tripe fed to them by Fox "News", and that may be so.  But folks, we just are never going to have a "progressive" paradise no matter who we elect.  The conservatives are not going to have a conservative paradise either (even if they throw all the progressives into concentration camps).  I will be happy if our leaders don't take us down some primrose path for their own benefit.  Unfortunately politicians are just like us and many have motives that do not serve the public at all. Power corrupts.

      I think of myself as a liberal because I'm not sure what "progressive" means-  this implies some sort of utopia, I think, toward which we can stride.  However history says otherwise.  I prefer a improved society with some strong foundations, knowing full well that even such a society is probably temporary.  The United States has always tried to walk a tightrope between extremes - with occasionally slides off to the left or the right. One should always work for improvement but not be too attached to a set result, or you will burn out fast!

    •  Or that we'll vote but (2+ / 0-)
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      Matt Z, CityLightsLover

      that'll be all.

      No mobilization.  No small-donor fundraising in the tens of millions.

      C'mon, Obama.  Remember which tools got you here.  They weren't all located in Rahm Emanuel's rolodex.

      "This is our time. We must be relentless. Even if (or when) Obama seems like he doesn't have our back...we know what we believe in." philipmerrill

      by SouthernLiberalinMD on Sun Aug 23, 2009 at 12:39:36 PM PDT

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