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View Diary: Are The Dour Democratic Projections About 2010 Justified? (334 comments)

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    Well it's not that I disagree with your analysis, it is just that I think you underestimate many, at least my discouragement with Obama and the so called Democratic party. Let's recap. they won in 2006 on a platform and a vote to get the fuck out of Iraq. And??? Now in 2008 they and Obama were elected to get us out of Iraq, prosecute the criminals of the last Administration, radically change policies on terrorism and how we handle prisoners, fight for the defeat/repeal of DOMA, run a more transparent and open Administration and get through and fight for sweeping health care reform, regulatory reform environmental policy, do something drastic about the economy and get the government out of the pockets of Wall Street, big Banks, Health Care industry and the Oil industry. I'd argue that absolutely none of those things have occured but what we have is a kinder somewhat more intelligent Bush Administration. I for one, and I hope many others am sick and tired of being in these frauds hip pockets with as the wisdom goes no place else to turn. For me it will be to turn to any real progressive candidate(s) that show up and to refuse to vote for any Democrat that doesn't fight for all those things we elected them for. My Congressman is Heinrich, someone who has played a middle of the road game. I won't vote for him again. My Senators are Bingaman and Udall. I'd vote for Udall(though he won't be running) but I will work against Bingaman and no matter what, I won't vote for him. Bottom line is that the most likely action on my part is that I will begin once again to sit out elections based on refusing to vote for the lesser of two evils as I don't really believe voting for evil, no matter what, is any longer acceptable after these past two elections.

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      Fury, Matt Z

      Don't kid yourself: if you were a Dem voter, sitting out will have no effect other than being a de facto vote for the Republicans.

      If you're in a state or congressional district where "sitting out" by 10% of Dems won't matter, then do it.

      But I don't think New Mexico is that state, is it?

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        Did you read my post??? I already believe that voting Democratic and having voted for Obama was in effect, a vote for Republicans-That is to clarify, as I said, the Democrats and certainly Obama seems to be nothing more than a slightly more intelligent and kinder Republican Administration. Peoples insistence on worshiping Obama regardless of how secretive, Corporate deal making, untransparent, approving of Rendition and almost every single other disgusting unAmerican terrorism policy that he's continued to support either makes those Democrats as stupid as the Republican ditto heads or they really are just like Obama, closet Republicans.

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