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View Diary: NEW Abramoff Indictment: Aide to Dick Armey, Sweatshop Protector, and Beck defender (221 comments)

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  •  My paranoid diary from JUL 2008 had similar (0+ / 0-)

    worries: I have given myself permission to quote myself at length.

    The FBI and IRS raided the offices and homes of a Cuyahoga (home county of Cleveland, OH) County Commissioner and Auditor on Monday. It is a sad comment on how low Bush and Rove and Cheney and the Bushites have degraded the Dept of Justice that it's just as likely that this raid on Democratic office holders is following the standard Rove script as it is that the FBI and IRS really have reason to do the raids in the first place.

    A supposed expose of political patronage in city and county government by the right wing newspaper of Cleveland, The Plain Dealer, which included people working for for an agency headed by a relative was published a few weeks back. Of course they "forgot" to mention that the person was working there for years before her relative was elected to run that government body. Now two prominent Democrats, Jimmy Dimora and Frank Russo, had their offices and homes raided and the standard boxes of files and computers were removed.
    And by mysterious happenstance the very next day President Bush comes to town for a fundraiser with a "jobs concern visit" to businesses to cover his use of our money to pay for the trip to raise more money for republicans.
    There is more at stake here than the fate of a couple of Democrats. County government may soon be radically overhauled because the shrinking population and tax base requires a new approach. The republicans are running scared because the most economical plans call for area government with city and county functions merged like Jacksonville, FL or LA. This would surely diminish the influence of the rich republican enclaves like the one Bush visited for his fund raiser.
    It is a classic Rovian machination to create the appearance of dirty deeds on the part of Democrats so that during the run up to elections, Democrats are tarred with false shit that may be quietly dropped after the republican challengers win. It has happened before and it may be happening again.

    Examples of corruption have been found but so far but as anastasia p mentions it's all small potatoes. Even though the Republican bosses in the county have used this investigation to slow down many votes on county business the powers that be seem interested in county government reform only to increase their own power.

    ATF Alcohol, Tobacco. Firearms. Add Burgers and Potato Salad and its a Southern Picnic.

    by OHdog on Sun Aug 23, 2009 at 10:46:23 AM PDT

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    •  It's puzzling... (1+ / 0-)
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      ...why the mainstream media has never pointed out Rove's obvious homosexuality (he's not "gay", that's a political self-designation). Most of his "proteges" were "bachelors" of a certain type. It's odd how the far right embraces queers in their stridently  homophobic ranks. Maybe they just appreciate the whole secrecy and lying aspect of those closeted cohorts. And Bush and he were so close for so long....

      PS---I'm queer so don't go there.

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