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View Diary: NEW Abramoff Indictment: Aide to Dick Armey, Sweatshop Protector, and Beck defender (221 comments)

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  •  I don't believe in false equivalence (0+ / 0-)

    One of the things I hate about the mainstream media is how often they tend to assume that there are two equally creditable sides of every issue - a Democratic and a Republican side. Especially lately, the Republican side of the argument is just a pack of malicious lies.

    That said, I have a longer memory than some people here (though quite a bit shorter than others). I remember ABSCAM, the Keating Five, and scandals involving Democrats in Louisiana, Democrats and Republicans in New Jersey, Republicans in Nassau County, etc., etc.

    The fact is, taken over the long term, no party has a monopoly on corruption, because corruption is not ideological: It's a crime of greed and destructive selfishness. We need to remember that corruption from any quarter rots the political system and society at large. I think most of us do know that, which is why so many of us were happy when William Jefferson lost his reelection campaign in Louisiana, even though the price was that New Orleans would be represented in the House by a Republican for two years.

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