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  •  New Senate Finance Committee needed. (0+ / 0-)

    Its time to remove the Three Democrats and three Republicans from the Senate Finance Committee.

    We need a new group of 6.  If two of the three Republicans won't even vote for a plan they put together we have the wrong people.

    My plan is to immediately replace this group with a more serious and intelligent group made up of 4 Democrats and 2 Republicans.

    This is our best shot.  Rachel ?  Keith ?  

    Talk about a cocktail moment ?  

    •  wrong ratio (4+ / 0-)
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      jedennis, alba, EarTo44, southriver

      As Rachel Maddow aptly pointed out, the American people chose (at least for this cycle) to have a Senate which is 3/5th Democrats and 2/5th's Republicans, a 3:2 ratio.  The Republicans should be partners in developing legislation, but minority partners, not equal partners.  To make that commitee balanced at a 1:1 ratio undermines democracy by usurping the authority of the voters who chose a 3:2 ratio.  Make the committee 5 members, with 3 Dems and 2 Repubs.

    •  wrong mechanism (0+ / 0-)

      The whole unofficial "subcommittee" or "working group" of a committee is unauthorized, and apparently something that Baucus and Grassley pulled out of their collective derrieres.  The effect has been to commit the fate of health care reform into the hands of two troglodytes and a bunch of four mindless followers.  (One of these followers, Sen. Snowe, recently revealed that the public option has never even been "on the table" during the discussions of the so-calang of 6.  No wonder nothing worthwhile has been forthcoming from that group.)

      The effect of the creation of the "Gang of 6" has been the complete marginalization orf senators who might well have made a valuable contribution to the proceedings, such as Sens. Rockefeller, Wyden, Schumer, Stabenow, Kerry and Cantwell.  It has also put the Finance Committee way behind schedule, and it will be interesting to see if it is still possible for the Committee to fulfill the terms of the Concurrent Budget Resolution, which requires the Finance Committee to report to the Senate Budget Committee on its work by Oct. 15, in order to preserve the reconciliation option.  

      If the Chair of Finance really thought that it would be useful to have health care reform considered by a smaller group, there is already in existence a Subcommittee on Health Care of the Senate Finance Committee. It is chaired by Sen. Rockefeller and contains all of the aforementioned senators.  Sen. Baucus' creation of an unofficial subcommittee, the "Gang of 6," to take up health care reform has resulted in an end run around the properly constituted subcommittee and whole committee having jurisdiction over health care matters, and appears to me to be nothing more than a usurpation.

      But I guess it can't be, or the members of the Committee left out in the cold by Sen. Baucus would be screaming, wouldn't they?  

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