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    There are two proposed laws (not "by Dmitry Medveded") regarding history that made a splash in Russia recently. Their ultimate fate is uncertain.

    The first one is called "The federal law regarding resistance to rehabilitation of Nazism, Nazi criminals and their collaborators in new independent states on the territory of the former Soviet Union".

    It calls for the prosecution of "rehabilitation" of those things, as defined by the verdict of the Nuremberg trial and verdicts of national trials based on the Nuremberg verdict (this means, BTW, that Holocaust denial will be automatically prohibited).

    While one of its aims is "saving and resisting the besmirching of memory of the victims of the Great Patriotic War", there is nothing in the text calling for prosecution of statements analogous to the one you and Snyder give as an example.

    Besides, Snyder seems to misinterpret the Russian statements (IMHO; maybe he has some specific statements in mind, which are not the rule): usually if the death tolls are discussed at all, it is the Soviet death tolls that are being discussed and they obviously include victims of all ethnicities. Everybody understands the historical context during those discussions (i.e., there weren't many independent states but one USSR). Nobody claims that they lived on Russian territory.

    Usually when the claims about the predominance of Russian something or other are heard, its in the context of the military contribution to the war effort (starting with Stalin, who famously toasted the "great Russian people" after the victory).

    For the other "law" there is not even a proposed text, only an idea - the law against the denial of victory of USSR in the Great Patriotic War.

    If there is some third law I have missed which is being discussed, I would like to know the news.

    So where's all the outrage against anti-atheist bigotry?

    by skeptiq on Mon Aug 24, 2009 at 02:04:33 AM PDT

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