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View Diary: TN-05: Jim Cooper responds, pledges to support public option (85 comments)

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  •  Jim Cooper - a tad defensive wouldn't you say? (3+ / 0-)

    This debate is not a static thing - once all these Blue Dogs and Republicans blather and propagandize on behalf of the corporate interests they represent, they will have to vote.  And if there is a health reform bill with a puplic option, it will pass.  The important thing is to not let special interests and their pawns kill the public option before it gets to the floor of either house.  Keep the pressure on.  Give more money to pro-public option Congressmen through Act Blue.  Write letters.  Contact media outlets. And stiff arm every other Democratic organization raising third quarter money saying you are waiting to pay for performance (I just got a DNC call about those big bad Republicans and what they are doing to health care reform - I cut the caller off and said pass the bill into law and then you wil get my money).

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