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View Diary: The first question is CAN government do it, not SHOULD it (68 comments)

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  •  You have a point. See, the DMV here was once a (3+ / 0-)
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    nightmare.  But you see,  we VOTED and made noise about what a joke it was.  Low and behold, the DMV is now an improved, smooth operation.  
    Look at all the power the people had with that operation.  Just with our VOTE.  Look at how accountable to us they were/are.

    See, the problem with this monopoly that the 4 major Health Insurance Companies hold is we have no way of expressing our dissatisfaction with the shitty product they offer us.  We just have to be grateful for the opportunity to pay more money for a shittier product.  They are an abusive monopoly and the people have no choice but to go through our elected government to express our discontent to change this bull shit.  The Health Insurance Companies are not accountable to their patrons.  They tell their patrons to suck it daily.
    What is a girl to do?

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