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View Diary: The first question is CAN government do it, not SHOULD it (68 comments)

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  •  "Free fall" hardly is accurate. (0+ / 0-)

    Look: All healthcare systems of whatever type face problems because:

    • Healthcare technological advances very often do not provide productivity increases (unlike manufacturing).
    • Partly due to advances in healthcare, people are living longer and an on-average older population needs additional healthcare

    The question is how best to cope with these problems, plus those that arise from the US's own self-inflicted problems with healthcare, in that we spend about 20% of healthcare dollars on administration, while other systems spend 4-5%.

    The obvious principle is that we should focus spending healthcare dollars on actual providers of healthcare: doctors, nurses, clinics, hospitals, technical services, equipment makers, medicine providers, etc.

    Single-payer is one clear way to do so. That said, Canada 1) makes an error by splitting up its system among the provinces. There are historical reasons for this, but it's not really a good idea; 2) underspends on healthcare, partly as a result of (1) as a percentage of GDP. So there are undoubtedly ways in which Canada's system can be improved, and I suspect that Canadians will find them.

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