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  •  There is no perfect government, as they are all (4+ / 0-)

    subject to the influence of imperfect humans and power has a tendency to corrupt we humans.

    Morality quite simply is doing unto others as you would be done to.  Good governments and happy societies tend to occur where this type of morality prevails in the humans who serve their government.  Stingy, bigotted, me firsters otoh have a tendency to rule in favor of their own pockets before their people.

    1. It was the Conservative Administration recently past that most bypassed the constitution, by implementing spying on its own citizens, denying  speedy trials and trials altogether, by torturing and by politicizing our judicial system as never before, by lieing to you and me.  ie WMD and spying.   Did you object to any of that?  And did you find that moral?  
    1. Today we face an unforeseen problem that you don't seem to be aware of:  An America by and for the Corporations.   Corporations now own a goodly number of our legislators and their lobbyists influence most of the legislators and the legislation that arises there.  They used the cloak of deregulation & small government to take control.

    Case in Point:  Did you see what happened due to the rescinding the  Glass Steagal Act ?  ( The financial industry deregulation that nearly dumped us back into a depression recently and may still end up that way.)

    There are some governmental things that are best served on a local basis and some that are best served on a federal basis.  And people have always held different opinions as to which are best served where.  Sometimes these differences of opinion are really matters of self interest rather than any desire for the common good.

    Historically government involvement is the most effective and financially feasible way to improve the common welfare.  The common welfare we need to keep a strong economy and nation.  The commons are things that affect all of us...the things that affect society as a whole:

    Education:  It serves all of us to have a well educated voting population and work force.  Not just well educated people in one state.  Not just education for the wealthiest amongst us.  

    Fire & Police Protection: It serves all of us to have a government run cohesive fire or police dept.  Afterall, if your neighbor can't afford fire protection...their burning house could affect yours.

    Clean Air & Water: They know no state boundaries.  

    Roads & Transportaion regs:  It serves all of us to have good roads for commerce and travel.  

    Health: It serves all of us to have a healthy population that can work and fully participate. Not just healthy people in one state because people travel and move.  It is also just common sense to have an effective health care available for ALL to help limit epidemics and contagious illnesses etc. (and most scientists are projecting we will have more of these due to current changing climate conditions. If you think that any of the Health care proposals are somehow contrary to our constitution then you must also be against Social Security & Medicare etc etc?   Maybe you even don't want women to vote because it wasn't in the original constitution?  

    government is not god...but it has the potential for doing what individuals and local govts can't do to help make us a stronger, healthier and better educated nation for all.

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