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View Diary: Time to Take Sen. Coburn at His Word (6 comments)

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    NWTerriD, BlackQueen40

    neighbor helping neighbor was spewed forth by Mrs. Abrams. You remember, the LaRouchie type who screamed at Arlen Spector a few weeks back.

    This is supposed to be a "christian" response to a problem-lets pull together as a community. Sounds socialist to me.

    What the hell could be done neighbor to neighbor when an aquaintence has a $100,000 debt for health care?

    Totally unrealistic response to a real problem.

    Typical GOPer talking code to the base.

    Bible Death Scorecard: God 2,390,000 Satan: 10

    by A Runner on Wed Aug 26, 2009 at 06:27:57 AM PDT

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