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View Diary: FACES of Coal are iStockPhotos?! (132 comments)

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    behind every one of those images is a designer or photographer who is trying to make a living from their creative. The most offensive thing to me is when they're not compensated correctly for their work.

    The sad reality is that digital cameras and cheap lighting mean that there are a hundred million amateur photographers in this country alone... many of whom are pleased to do it for free, and are happy if their work gets noticed, much less compensated.

    Just like blogs killed newspaper careers, digital cameras and photoshop will kill photography careers...

    •  Some careers killed, others born (1+ / 0-)
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      These days cheap online stock sites like iStock are making money for many photographers (and illustrators.) Sure, these photographers aren't charging 10K for a shoot like they could in the old days, but the old days are gone and the new reality is here to stay. Any photographer that wants to make a living needs to adapt or find another profession. Harsh, I know, but I've been working in the biz since the late 80s and I've seen the changes in the industry first hand.

      Where I get cheesed off is when clients grab an image online through a Google search and think it's OK to use it in anything they want. I constantly have to give them the lecture about rights and usage (as well as size/resolution.)

      My hope is that more pro photographers will make their work available through sites like iStock, which will cause the median quality of images available online to go up and crap like you describe will get pushed out. In the end everyone wants a quality image for their project.

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