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  •  Because he's our party's President (3+ / 0-)
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    rhfactor, KLM, smileyman

    and because, through our more progressive House and handful of Senators, we can expect, we can demand, better and have at least a chance of getting it.

    And because the passion and extremely hard work of tens of thousands of us--progressive activists--got him there, and he'll need to remember that before 2012. So we keep pushing, and reminding him that he needs us to remain enthusiastic and invested if he's going to repeat 2008.

    A politician is a politician--just some of them have more talent and more ability. But none of them will ever be a savior, none of them will ever be the answer. Vesting those kinds of hopes in any one person is foolish and naive.

    Keep working your representatives, writing letters to to editor, pushing Obama on the issues that matter most and demand of them all of them the change they promised us.

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      All very good answers, thank you for replying.

      Just one addendum:

      But none of them will ever be a savior, none of them will ever be the answer. Vesting those kinds of hopes in any one person is foolish and naive.

      Not that it impacts your answer, but I never cared for Obama, thus never vested anything in him. But I voted for him, given no choice.

      It's weird but there was only one thing that impressed me about him re promises, which made me think: well let's see...

      "Google for Government" and the whole notion of operating everything transparently, with all info online before any actions taken.

      As you can see in my sigline, which has been there since his inauguration, I saw how trivial his online "suggestion box" was, which brought me back to dubious.

      Then, within a month, we quickly saw that the only concept that had grabbed me as new and bold, that potentially would signal a new approach to decision making, was all vaporware. If anything we all know he's retained far too many Bush "black box" practices.

      So, the framing of my question wasn't clear from start. It should have read "I never did care for Obama. I was told though that he would really deliver, and that I might be surprised. I was very proud of my country for electing him. And I was very impressed by his initial international relations-mending efforts.

      But then it became business as usual, and I have been completely unimpressed by his clinging to fantasy notions of "post partisan", setting the stage for setback after setback for progressives, whiler he continued to kiss ass with GOP after not one of them voted for stimulus bill. You'd think Mr. Basketball with all the right moves would adjust. But he didn't. And he hasn't. And he made that pharma deal, and then said public option was but a sliver of his health care goals.

      Now Teddy Kennedy is gone and with all the talk of how maybe this will seed the conditions for getting a real reform bill passed, and even Obama might rise to the occasion, I don't see it happening.

      You say

      Because he's our party's President

      yet he provides no party discipline, no party leadership, and he's done nothing to "punish" blue dogs who are trampling on the initiative.

      He may hold the Rank of Leader, but I do  not see a leader. I see a corporate kiss ass. Just one with a kinder, gentler demeanor than our friends on the other side of the aisle.

      So, my feeling is not one of "the savior let me down", but rather "Jesus Christ, can't he do ANYTHING at all that satisfies progressives> Has he no gratitude for the work done by progressives to get him into the Senate, and then into the role as President.

      People said give him time. Enough time has past to see his true colors. And it's corporate-first, people a distant second. Thus I am not interested in what he has to say anymore. It's all predictable and there's been no risk-taking -- despite the empty threat that he's putting it all on the line with healthcare, and if it costs him a second term so be it. Does anybody really believe that based on his non-actions?

      For whatever reason I thought you might have been disappointed as well, especially given his retention of Bush policies re FISA and domestic spying. I think that's what promoted my message to you.

      I think I am receding back to were I was before Howard Dean hit me like a bolt of lightening and, as he did with so many other people, he moved me from being on the sidelines and uninvolved, to very involved and very active. But that level of integrity was not in Kerry and not in Obama, so I guess the poster up above was actually correct when he asked if I was washing my hands of politics. I guess the real answer is: yes.

      I don't have the stomach for fighting on when the bad guys not only win, but are enabled by those thought to be the good guys (D's).

      Again thanks for all your insights and analysis.

      -- FEEDBACK: - empty "marketing" of citizen access, or real idea-submit mechanism?

      by rhfactor on Thu Aug 27, 2009 at 06:13:10 PM PDT

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