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View Diary: How Shall You Die? Like Ted Kennedy? Or Lee Atwater? (51 comments)

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  •  Interesting perspective, and not necessarily (5+ / 0-)

    religious in nature. One can search for meaning in human life without religion, and clearly see the moral values represented by the political choices and actions of Ted Kennedy in a proper frame.

    Life is what you make of it. If I were Ted Kennedy, I'd be happy to know as I shuffled of my mortal coil that I spent the overwhelming part of my time on earth trying to make the world a better place. Jews call this 'Tikkun Olam', healing the world.


    One of Lee Atwater's mentors is still alive, and you can see Rachel Maddow skewer him on a regular basis. When Pat Buchanan dies, very few people will have a kind word to say about that racist toad. As for Karl Rove, it's best if I do not post what I was about to, it's in very bad taste.

    Rove, Atwater or Buchanan spent no time trying to heal the world in their lives: quite the opposite. Unlike Atwater, I doubt Buchanan will have any death bed conversion. Rove will probably be thumbing his nose at whatever deity could give him solace, as it appears that Rove is an atheist, anyway. A deathbed conversion from him would be the ultimate insult to whatever religion he embraces.

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