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  •  Poor, sick small man (3+ / 0-)

    When you are sick in your head, and small in your heart, and prejudiced based on ideology or skin color, you have no place you can run or hide.  So you poke your over-inflated face in front of other haters, and you drink your juices from their hatred.

    If you were intelligent, rational, with a good heart, you'd walk off for the sake of the nation.  But that is not Glenn Beck.  He has a festering boil that is his heart, and he can't lance it, so he lets out a little poison everyday, fed by the poison of those who have the same festering racial boils in their own hearts.

    We need him off the air.  The sponsors should refuse to destroy this nation.  They should let the haters hate, but not try to enjoin others who have some hope of being convinced that this is a democracy that relies on informed opinion, and a civilized debate that leads to a moral consensus.

    Shame on you Glenn Beck.  Go home.  Please.

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