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  •  It isn't facts and quotes that I have a problem (0+ / 0-)

    with. It's the larger message that he is pushing, which is that the government is only capable of doing evil, now that Obama is in office. Before Obama took office, he didn't seem to be terribly concerned with Bush's growing of government, specifically Executive Power. Sure, he made a few comments here and there, over the years, but I don't remember any strong disagreements, he was perfectly happy with 99.9% of everything Bush and Cheney did, and the Republican led congress, as well. Which leads me to believe that Beck doesn't really have a problem with big government at all. Just with Obama, or anyone who isn't a Republican, specifically a very conservative Republican.

    So you want someone to disprove everything he said over the past 3 days? Somehow I think that you have concluded that you believe in Glenn Beck, and I don't think anyone is going to convince you otherwise. Certainly not around here, anyhow. I pity you in a way. You should really listen to what he says more critically, and not as if he were the messiah come back to earth to gather all the true believers and rapture them up to God's Palace with him. He's not the one. He's just using people like you to build himself a big treasure pile of his own here on earth, out of all the gold he's been accumulating.

    •  As an Indepedent... (0+ / 0-)

      .. who finds himself on both right and left sides of political debates.. I don't want to defend Beck, because mindless rantings hurt genuine concerns, no matter where you stand, politically..  HOWever, I have to agree that through 300 posts and counting; this thread is a mindless rant.. and will have the same effect at neutralizing Beck, as Pelosi's calling town-hallers names.

      Ignore Beck, or call him out by talking point, else you just strengthen him... and the truth suffers.

    •  No one is asking you disprove EVERYTHING he has (0+ / 0-)

      said, just disprove ONE thing he has said, I have been trying to disprove what he is saying because I don't want to believe that we are in this much doo doo, but I can't find out where he is lying to us.  Help me out here, just one point that Beck has made this week that is not true.

      •  PLEASE DO OR MOVE ON! (0+ / 0-)

        I have posted my rant about 30 times on several Leftist blogs, where they personally attack Beck.  It worries me so much, because I don't trust ever side.  Doing so is more dangerous then anything else in politics.  To believe that a Liberal or Right Senator or almost any elected leader is their not for their own power control and/or wealth is dangerous by it's self.  But I also see the Obama followers like blind sheep, they will not even question the smallest issues with him.  Even Rush and Sean for the last 3 years under Bush attacked several of his decisions and the way he was spending money.  But I don't ever hear that from the Liberals.  I am worried because for the first ten of my 22 years of military, we fight against the Communist machine to prove that it didn't work.  Beck has laid down facts that Obama has set a foundation of Socialist, Communist and even anti-Capitalist around him in the White House.  Unless you have facts to prove me wrong, the tell me how I am wrong, with facts!  Or prove to me where Communist ideas have worked before and where people's lives were in a whole "better life style" than under a capitalist government, again with facts.        

      •  It is an error of omission that he makes, (0+ / 0-)


        That is what polemicists do, and documentary makers...

        It is not hard to arrange cherry picked facts, all of them correct (in some way), so that the picture that emerges is clear and rational.

        But when you ignore all the facts and ideas that go against your theory, just because they are inconvenient, then you are being dishonest.

        And that is what Glenn Beck is.

    •  Your completely wrong (0+ / 0-)

      You have never really listened to Beck, Rush, or Sean prior to the election.  They tore apart Bush on immigration, they worried Republicans prior to the 06 election due to their spending habits and how it will come back to bit them.  Yes, they walked in hand about the war, and as a matter a fact, Obama has taken the exact same policies also and did nothing that he promised before the election.  I don't trust any elected official at all.  Doing so, is dangerous, history has proven that.  That is why we have elections every few years.  

      No, I don't want everything to be disproved, but read my other post on this thread.  I can't even have one of his facts challenged.  Not one, doesn't that at all worry you a little?  He is so much hated by Liberal, most would dive at the chance.  I often see "conspiracy Theory" but with most good conspiracies" you find those who prove them wrong, ie. moon landing, JFK, 9/11.  He has laid his facts down, but nobody has countered with their facts, only stick have been thrown.  Being a blind sheep will only cause a headache or a fall that could hurt or even kill, or you call that an election.    

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