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View Diary: The Katrina Hall of Shame: 4 Years Later, Still Shameful (176 comments)

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  •  AAF This one is equally bad IMHO (27+ / 0-)

    Our former Rep One Trick Tommy

    "Given the abysmal failure of state and local officials in Louisiana to plan adequately for or respond to the effects of Hurricane Katrina on the city of New Orleans, and given the long history of public corruption in Louisiana, I hope the House will refrain from directly appropriating any funds . . . to either the state of Louisiana or the city of New Orleans."
    --Republican Rep. Tom Tancredo of Colorado (9/7/05)

      •  And thanks for not demeaning Michael Brown. (2+ / 0-)
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        ladybug53, IreGyre

        Facts came out during the Congressional investigation.

        The worst of it was that Chertoff had rerouted FEMA communications through Chertoff's DHS center.

        That's why the Convention Center didn't get a priority. That's why the levy breach was not disseminated -- despite CNN showing it live.

        Chertoff's people insisted that nothing pass through unless they had their own people verify it first-hand. That's incredibly stupid. Not standard FEMA policy. Not appropriate for disaster response.

        Chertoff is a control freak. A less personable Rudy Giuliani. snark Chertoff worked for Giuliani in New York at the OC Strike force.

        Sure, "Brownie" had years of disaster recovery, years before takking the FEMA job. But Floridians remember that his preparations for their hurricanes had been the best, ever. They guy got good people in... got the job done.

        Blaming Brown got to be GOP party line, so's to cover for Bush and Chertoff.

        Angry White Males + Personality Disorder delusionals + sane Pro-Lifers =EQ= The GOPer Base

        by vets74 on Sat Aug 29, 2009 at 06:05:59 PM PDT

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        •  Here's who Michael Brown blames. (4+ / 0-)

          Brown admitted, for instance, that he had made a mistake by not asking the military to take over the rescue and recovery operations sooner. He regretted not having a contract in place to handle body disposal. He said he had misjudged the ability of state leaders to handle the response. He admitted to losing track of orders he had given. He said he misspoke when he stated on national television that he had been unaware of the plight of evacuees at the convention center. He said he had misled the American people by declaring in a press conference that Gov. Blanco was running a "tight-knit" team that was "making the right calls."

          Salon has more, but good  grief, even Kay Granger asked him how he could sleep at night...

          •  You realize that these mistakes were minor. (1+ / 0-)
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            The usual management gliches during a crisis.

            None of this would have killed anyone.

            The communications and command blockade inflicted by Chertoff -- that was the maker of the killing field.

            BTW: the "military" did act, immediately, with the Coast Guard getting in the next day with full response.

            The flood had already killed 90% of the DOAs.

            Angry White Males + Personality Disorder delusionals + sane Pro-Lifers =EQ= The GOPer Base

            by vets74 on Sat Aug 29, 2009 at 06:48:33 PM PDT

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            •  The Coast Guard self-deploy (4+ / 0-)

              and do not wait for marching orders except from their commanders.  Brownie, et al can not accept credit for their response because he had NOTHING to do with the Coast Guard's response which began soon as the winds died down enough for them to get choppers in the air.  By the way, m.brownie's first order was for volunteers and rescuers to 'not self-deploy'.  

              His mistakes that you consider 'minor' cost lives, property and mental/emotional trauma for 10's of thousands of people and their families.  I disagree w/you that 'none of this would have killed anyone'.

              •  The flood cost the lives, trauma, property damage (0+ / 0-)

                and the Coast Guard was not impeded in the least by FEMA.

                You can't have it both ways.

                Blaming Michael Brown ??? That's falling for the propaganda out of the White House and their sycophants.

                The failures in the 5 days after the flood were mainly traced to the DHS communications blockade and dysfunction.

                Chertoff went out of his way to keep Brown from doing on-site management -- for reasons unknown, but likely tied to racism. The tales of shootings and mass looting dominated. Fantasy.

                Angry White Males + Personality Disorder delusionals + sane Pro-Lifers =EQ= The GOPer Base

                by vets74 on Sun Aug 30, 2009 at 04:05:08 AM PDT

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