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View Diary: The Katrina Hall of Shame: 4 Years Later, Still Shameful (176 comments)

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    I read about Dr. Pou's lawsuit years ago too. Morphine was used with terminal and DNR and long term care patients.
    I read about triage issues right after I returned from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. I told my husband I wished I could have been on Dr. Pou's jury to vote not guilty because no medical professional should ever have to be in that situation or make those decisions.
    Prosecute Bush and Brownie and the suits who chose not to evacuate, if you have to blame someone.

    Don't sue and jail the scrubs, and boots on the ground.

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      Cyril Wecht, Michael Baden, the other experts called in to examine these cases all agree that patients survived 'adverse events of the previous days' only to be given lethal dosages. Evacuations were taking place while they were euthanizing patients who were not terminally ill.  They gave lethal dosages to people who were awake and coherent, along with those in their death throes.

      "We’d experienced the helicopters’ stopping flying to us," Goux told me, "and I didn’t want that to occur again."

      God, I can't even imagine the conditions or what these people went through.  But they seemed to operate with some urgent sense that the evacuations would stop again and they must hurry or possibly would be left behind with the "3's", or be forced to leave those patients on their own.  So they euthanized the patients.  

      I don't know, there's just something that strikes me all wrong with euthanizing a patient because he weighs 300+ lbs but is a living, coherent, breathing-on-his-own human being.  They managed to move another man, the last man, who also weighed 300 lbs or more.

      We are all droogie6655321

      by Buckeye BattleCry on Sat Aug 29, 2009 at 04:46:50 PM PDT

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