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  •  I've discussed this a bit (5+ / 0-)

    in previous comments - see, e.g., here and here. From your comment, it's clear that you're either incapable or unwilling to have a serious discussion about this, at any rate not with me, so I'll just briefly summarise what the factual record shows, and then you can do what you like with it.

    In 1971 Sadat offered Israel peace in exchange for a withdrawal from the Sinai (google the 'Jarring Initiative' for more). Israel responded with flat rejection, declaring that "Israel will not withdraw to the pre-June 5, 1967 lines". Sadat repeatedly promised that Egypt would go to war to get its territory back if necessary, but these threats were brushed off as empty rhetoric by an Israel still triumphant from its victory in '67. Finally, Sadat made good on his word and attacked in '73, and proved to both Israel and the US that Egypt was not a basket-case that could simply dismissed. And so, after the war was over, Israel and the US decided to take Sadat up on his longstanding offer to become a US client state and broker a peace, thereby removing the only Arab military power from the conflict. As Moshe Dayan explained,

    "the future is with Egypt. If you take one wheel off a car, it won't drive. [the 'car' being the Arab League]"

    Thus began the shuttle diplomacy, which led ultimately to the Camp David accord, whose terms were actually worse for Israel than those of the Jarring initiative it had turned down in 1971.

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