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View Diary: Are All Likely Voters Republicans? (266 comments)

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  •  well i'm anecdotal evidence (1+ / 0-)
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    Many of his consistent donors and door knockers were tentative Dems with marginal identification with the party. Most of these folks are not centrists but people who wold be potential members of the Dem base if the party could lost it's ties to the corporate lobbyists instead fo just talking a good game

    im not a tentative dem. i'm a lifelong indie who happens to mostly be progressive. and this quote describes me perfectly.

    •  well then presumably you always vote (0+ / 0-)

      irrespective of a partyline for the person (s) who best fit your personal philosophy of life?  regardless or not whether if they do get elected they can actually achieve anything in the two party system Ametrica works under, in your own district anyway.

      Or doesn't that aspect, actually governing or having the ability to change anything, enter into your equation and it is all personal issues driven?  Interesting.

      Maybe there is something in the Repubs toe the party line meme after all and Dems just all go their individual ways?

      •  not sure i understand what youre asking (0+ / 0-)

        i'm not sure what you mean "personal issues driven".

        generally i dont pay attention to the letter after the name.  i listen to what the candidate is saying and decide whether it makes sense and could achieve what i believe needs to get done politically, socially, nationally. i take into account a lot of other things too including external conditions that do in fact change and can demand different approaches from time to time.

        mostly i want to see things getting accomplished. it all i ever wanted and failure to get things done was my initial reason for checking out of the political process years ago. It seemed that the GOP was stuck in its philosophy and wouldnt budge. And the Democrats were also stuck in theirs and wouldnt budge and nothing ever got done. it was stagnation and decay.  So i cam to the conclusion that the way it was se up actually was antithetical to progress and i decided i didnt need the headaches.  That was then. Obama re-introduced me to a belief that it DID matter and that things COULD get done.

        but sadly, it seems we've reached the ugly gridlock again. and this time its worst than I initially thought: the democrats are gridlocking themselves!   obviously, this makes me feel even worse.

        in all, right now, i am still hopeful about Obama believe it or not. I try to keep level headed and try to be patient. I have committed to giving it my all, at least for now.  I remind myself that its only been a few months really and that we have yet a long way to go. But i'll be honest to tell you that I wont do this forever. And if i decide its hopeless, i'll likely check out again, only for good.

        •  I guess what I mean by 'personal issues (1+ / 0-)
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          driven' is what personal issues you personally believe in, and how you arrive at decisions who to support.

          And try and keep that in mind and remember it is only six months and read Jed's FP story about Kennedy's position on the Medicare/drug prescription bill the first time around.

          I know how hard it is to be patient and we shouldn't be, but allowing Repugs to get elected doesn't answer anything.

          This was and is not a personal attack. I am interested in what makes political activists tick.  It's so easy to be apathetic and believe none of it matters anyway.

          Don't take offense, none intended.  I tend to be an evolutionary person at this end of my life, at the other end i was strictly revolutionary.

          •  thanks for responding (2+ / 0-)
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            pHunbalanced, soccergrandmom

            well health care is a pretty serious issue for me. Not on;ly personally (although i'm healthy i pay my own premiums b/c i own a business. rates increase every year for no reason)

            so one personal issue for me is health care.

            another is education. i'm sick about the fact that our population is becoming less educated. this country wont be able to compete.

            Oh, I am plenty patient. As a matter of fact I'm usually called a sycophant around here b/c i feel like i have a long view of what Obama's doing and i think he's done a pretty damn good job in such a short period of time. I dont blame his for this health care mess. Its the idiots in congress. And god lve him, he actually respects the roles outlined in the constitution although i wish sometimes he'd be a bit more [ahem] assertive with congress.

            as far as allowing republicans to get elected not being the answer: I am convinced that this country cannot survive another GOP administration, particularly if combined with a GOP congress.  And I cannot see myself ever voting GOP again in my life.  However, i'm not sure the dems are doing the right thing either.  I;m willing to give it some time, but i'll be honest, this health care thing is pretty much the litmus test for me. If they cannot pass it, i'm done. I realize the implications of that. Its a tough place to come to but empires rise and they fall. The fact is that without some serious health reform, without some serious education reform, this country is on its way out of the TOP tier anyway regardless of who is in congress or the white house. This is what i believe.  The dynamics today are tenuous as it is. China and India are rising. South America s rising. Africa is forming alliances with Russia, China.  These are facts. If we dont get our shit togeher by passing real health reform and educating our populace to compete, it wont really matter if i dont vote. The US will be the next portugal - a fallen once great empire (except of course portugal at least has a govt health plan). It's a nice place but really not all that consequential from a world stage perspective.

            That may sound harsh but Bush and his GOP congress have driven this country to the point where if we dont act decisively over the next 8 years to set up a foundation for growth and competitiveness, we're done. There are no do overs. Its just done.

    •  That's the OP's position (and mine) (1+ / 0-)
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      Micheline, however, seems to feel that it's the "center-left moderates" who make up most of the president's base and who worked the hardest for him. I'm skeptical of that position, and have yet to see any evidence in support of it.

      •  maybe she'd describe me as (1+ / 0-)
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        a center-left moderate and that's why you and she seem to be disagreeing when perhaps you arent.

        plenty of folks might describe me as center-left or even moderate. i wasnt in favor of nationalizing the banks (although I want string regulation) and I agreed with Obama's decision not to release the torture photos (although i would like to see an investigator assigned).

        How would you classify me?

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