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  •  Obama's base is constipated right now (1+ / 0-)
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    Call it the Summer blues or constipation, O's base is getting very edgy right now.  Of course, this August hiaitus hasn't helped us at all.  It's been a month of lunatics at large, screaming lies and acting out like juvenile delinquents.

    Meanwhile, Obama is doing what he should be doing right now which, other than the townhalls he did, is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING POLITICAL.

    Recall how we blamed Clinton for meddling in Congress with their healthcare reform effort?  

    Or better yet, remember how we screamed that Bush had knocked off all the other two legs of the stool?

    If Obama would have shown his cards before the recess, the right would be comparing him directly to Bush and we'd be eating our own words right now.

    Obama is a very intelligent, wise leader who is doing precisely what he needs to be doing right now and that is presenting a 'hands off" approach to it all.

    He's also giving everyone a voice to call for more leadership by their President - again, a good position from him to emerge when the time is right.

    I'd say he's quite masterful at doing precisely what he should be doing right now....while the GOP is outing itself as sponors of domestic terrorism and rightwing lunacy.....the Blue Dogs are being "outed" for their ties to the insurance industry and have become irrelevant as a result of these payoffs.....

    Yessiree....It'll be time for our Obama to ride into Washington soon and take back the reins of this country....and tell Congress what he intends to do and not the other way around.

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