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  •  so what (1+ / 0-)
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    if it's been "quite common"? Nazi comparisons and saying "fuck you" to people have also been "quite common," and they're on their way out, too.

    •  Sorry, but no (1+ / 0-)
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      "Fuck you" has never been considered acceptable discourse on this site to my knowledge. Nor have Nazi comparisons.

      •  they may not (0+ / 0-)

        have been acceptable to you, but that doesn't mean they weren't uprated by those who did consider them acceptable.

        And you know they were uprated, because you yourself expended a number of comments on formulating a law here diffentiating, in your mind, a distinction between "fuck you" and "fuck off." And here is you in conversation with your old running buddy MajorFlaw, in which he certainly seems to assert that "fuck you" is "considered acceptable discourse on this site," as he opines that "fuck you" may "get[] a pass if the context is right."

        If you want to plead ignorance to the hundreds of arguments on this site as to whether it is permissible to compare Israel, Jews, Hamas, Palestinians, Bush, Bush minions, or whatever Democrat or Democratic policy the commentator happens to be upset with at the moment to Nazis . . . uh, feel free.

        I recently HRed a Kool Aid comment on this site on the same grounds as I HRed this one, and received a rec for my comment explaining my HR from Meteor Blades, who now oversees community moderation on this site, and who has been endeavoring to encourage people to cut back on the more noxious forms of name-calling. I assume that rec meant he did not think I was out of line.

        You are of course perfectly free to continue to HR and uprate as you, musing, personally believe is best, as you have always done.

        •  Nice try, but again, no (1+ / 0-)
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          As I have repeatedly and consistently said, over the nearly six years now that I've been a registered member of this site, "Fuck you" always rates a bagel from me if I see it in time. The fact that there are others who disagree with that opinion is irrelevant. They are a decided minority--and many of them no longer have posting privileges on this site.

          Nor is the existence of--again--a small minority of folks who consider it OK to label their opponents Nazis any kind of argument for calling it acceptable. That requires whole leaps of logic that you won't find in any textbook on the subject.

          Nor have you offered anything remotely like evidence for any kind of community consensus that "Kool-Aid" references are out-of-bounds. Until I hear otherwise from an authoritative source, I will consider it within bounds, and will rate (and uprate) accordingly.

          •  i have long (0+ / 0-)

            considered your user name apt, because you are indeed an amusing fellow, in that you are utterly incapable of admitting error.

            As an example, what else but amusing can one find your claim that a rec on this issue from Meteor Blades, the person appointed by Kos to oversee community moderation on this site, is not "an authoritative source"?

            Continue to enjoy being perfect.

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