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View Diary: Update W/Video: Michael Steele Disses Woman's Story As "An Act" (164 comments)

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  •  He didn't get elected. (4+ / 0-)
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    What happened was Parris Glendening (Dem) didn't run for Gov.

    Instead, Kathleen Kennedy "Clueless" Townsend ran for Gov. as the Anointed Machine Dem. and was such an awful candidate that a Republican looked better.

    So Mike was "lost" into office by inept machine Democrats.

    She lost to Bobby Hair Ehrlich, the Reprehensible Republican. B-H-E had plucked Mike from some flaming pit or other, and if it wasn't as a ploy for black votes I don't know what it was. The man has essentially no public service experience. Interestingly, B-H-E let Mike go when it came time to run for and lose a second term.

    (Parris got it on with his secretary or something, and frankly I'm not sure he would have been electable. Maryland goober-natorial politics is so dreadful that I pay as little attention as possible and I'm not even sure of Md Govs are term-limited, but I think they are).

    And by the way, we apologize.

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